Wondering where the name “Liquid Cosmos Divers” came from?

When deciding what we wanted to name the business, we knew we wanted to capture that feeling of awe that we get while exploring the ocean.

We’ve always said that scuba diving is the closest you’ll get to visiting outer-space here on Earth. When you’re diving, you are going into an unknown and strange environment. You must carry your life support with you, your body can only withstand a certain amount of pressure, many of the animals you encounter are ‘alien-like,’ and the majority of the ocean is still unexplored!

In that regard, we are exploring our planet’s last frontier.

Mike and Jess have always been fascinated by outer-space (Mike was even selected as a candidate for a Mars-One colonization program, but that’s a story for another time). We are equally as fascinated by our place in this universe, and how the weird and wonderful creatures we encounter in the ocean have evolved such an array of amazing adaptations.

“Liquid Cosmos Divers” is a merging of our love of outer-space and the ocean. We are captivated by the possibilities these two places offer for discovery and adventure.

Come explore the extraordinary Kohala coast with us!

Check out the incredible artist (Jessica Eggers) who designed our logo on social media @roughforradio

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