At Liquid Cosmos Divers, ocean conservation is a top priority. With the many threats that our oceans are facing, we are passionate about protecting and conserving our incredibly important marine ecosystems.

1% For The Ocean

When you come diving with us, you can feel good knowing that you are automatically supporting marine conservation. We donate 1% from each charter to a local non-profit that is actively protecting our oceans. Each year we choose a different organization, and in 2022 we are supporting For The Fishes, a non-profit dedicated to protecting reef fish from the aquarium trade. For The Fishes has been deeply involved with halting the unsustainable aquarium fish trade in Hawai`i, helping to protect and sustain the biodiversity and abundance of Hawaiian reef fish.

Learn more about For The Fishes here:

Reef Clean-Ups

Derelict fishing gear is the most common marine debris that we find on our reefs. These discarded fishing lines and nets are an entanglement hazard to other marine organisms and can smother and kill corals. We have removed thousands of feet of fishing line off of the reef, and you may even notice your dive guide removing line during your dive to keep the reef clean. In addition to fishing line, we also regularly remove large cargo nets and floating trash from the Kohala coast.

Diver cleaning reefs as a part of our ocean conservation efforts


Participate in a reef clean up or citizen science reef survey!